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Havelock Island

  • Havelock is the most visited of the Andaman Islands. Havelock is becoming popular for its beaches, laid back vibe and great scuba diving. It has Asia's Best Beaches and Radhanagar beach is rated amongst world's top ten beaches. The island is named after Henry Havelock, a British general active in India. It is ideal destination for pristine beaches, crystal clear water, Scuba diving and Snorkeling

  • Havelock Beach Details in brief:

  • The beaches have names in form of numbering system instead of names. Few beaches are known by the names as given below
  • (a) The arrival port is at Beach #1
  • (b) The junction at the center is Beach #3 (Govind Nagar beach)
  • (c) The junction near Dolphin Resort is Beach #5 (Vijay Nagar beach)
  • (d) Beach #7 (Radha Nagar Beach)
  • (e) Elephant beach - It's reachable on foot from Beach #7 or by fishing boat from the east side of the island;
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Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island, Andaman

One of the best beaches in the world. Unbelievably picturesque, flawlessly astonishing disclosure of nature's splendour can be experienced here. Heavenly peace has dominated the place. There's pin-drop silence for a moment, and there comes a well-mannered wave, 5km long, gently splashing in a beautiful accord, and there's complete silence again till the next one. This splash is the only thing you can hear on the beach. Lush Mahua trees surround the beach, high-spirited, standing tall, as if touching the clouds. You get into the forest and you can't see the sky.Check for elephant ride for 20 rupees!

Vijay Nagar beach, Havelock Island, Andaman

All the prominently listed 'resorts', except Bare Foot and Dolphin tents, are located along this beach. Unlike Bare Foot, which is located a 100 meters off the shore and inside the 'jungle', most resorts on this side are on the beach. Quite and serene, it's worth every penny spent on this God painted natural beauty!!

Govindnagar Beach, Havelock Island, Andaman

Govind Nagar, the main "town", is small and has only a handful of shops and local dhabas. There is a recently opened Axis Bank ATM near the Market place.

Elephant Beach, Havelock Island, Andaman

Located at one remote corner of Havelock Island is Elephant Beach. One has to take a boat or go on a steep, but short trek to reach this desolate beach. But, once you have reached this beach, it is difficult to coax yourself to move out. Such is the pristine beauty of this place.The inner reaches of this beach are made up of mangrove forests and slush, but the side close to the water .The sapphire coloured waters, the gentle waves, the bare trees, the vast horizon and the sense of being alone amidst this rapidly changing nature truly intoxicates one's soul.

    • Shopping Spot Havelock Island,Andaman:

    • Govind Nagar, the main "town", is small and has only a handful of shops and local dhabas.
    • ATM Facility in Havelock Island, Andaman

      Havelock island now has an ATM, and some of the hotels are able to perform card transactions, although Barefoot Scuba, Barefoot at Havelock Jungle Resort and Island Vinnies can accept credit cards. Make sure you take plenty of cash with you from Port Blair.
    • Transportation Facility in Havelock Island, Andaman

    • (a) Local buses and shared jeeps
    • (b) Auto-rickshaws are also available.
    • (c) Bicycles, scooters and motorcycles are available for hire near the center of 'town' (Beach #3), or inquire at your guesthouse.Bicycles are available for Rs. 50 per day.
    • (d) Private taxi operators A/c and non-a/c taxis are available for hire through your resort or travel agent.

  • Accommodation / Resort Details in Havelock

  • Click here to know Details of Top Beach Resorts in Havelock Island

  • Most accommodation is grouped along the road from Beach #3 to Beach #5.
  • Havelock Restorts /hotels With Budget Rs 500 to Rs 2000 ( Cheap Hotels In Havelock )

  • 1. Pristine Beach Resort
  • 2. Cafe del Mar,Beach #3
  • 3. Orient Legend Resort, Beach #5
  • 4. Beach #7 (Radha Nagar Beach)
  • 5. Sunrise Beach Resort, Beach #5
  • 6. Island Camping,operated by the Andaman Tourist Office, offers pre-setup tents on Beach #7
  • 7. El Dorado, Beach #3
  • 8. Gold India, Beach #3
  • 9. Andaman Bubbles, Beach #5.

  • Havelock Restorts /hotels with Budget up to Rs 4000

  • 1. Emerald Gecko, at the end of Beach #5
  • 2. Island Vinnie's Tropical Beach Cabanas and Dive Centre, Beach #3
  • 3. Dolphin Beach Resort, Beach #5
  • 4. Sea Shell resort
  • 5. Symphony Inn

  • Havelock Splurge Resort - Range up to 15000 Rs

  • 1. Wild Orchid Resort, beach #5
  • 2. Silver Sand, beach #5
  • 3. Barefoot Resort,far end of Beach #7 tel. +91-3192-236008
  • 4. Munjoh Ocean Resort, tel. +91-3192-282000

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