Corbyn's Cove Beach

Corbyn's Cove Beach,
Port Blair-744112,
Andaman and Nicobar Islands

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About Corbyn's Cove Beach

The Corbyn’s Cove is one of the more busy beaches in the Andaman Islands. This is the closest beach to the Port Blair, a mere 8 kms from the City center. Distance of 9 Km from beach you can see a market place.You will get quite a view of the Marina Park, the pristine blue sea lining along the entire route. This beach is teeming with people and encircled by lush green coconut palms.Crocodiles are occasionally spotted in the area. Many entertainment options makes this beach such a popular destination with tourists.

Most of the water sport facilities are available here. Zip across the ocean in a jet ski or a motor scooter is the best entertainment activity seen here. To enjoy the view you can make a great seat at the area where The blue benches are lining. You will also find clean and well maintained bathrooms and changing rooms at your convenience. There are great accommodation options to choose from, for those staying near the beach.All in all this is a great beach to hang out at if people and energy is what you are looking out for.

At the beach facing restaurant enjoy a relaxing drink with your friends. A small restaurant and a hotel is available nearby for refreshments and food also. Nearer to this beach, resorts of both government and private are available. All kind of arrangements for visitors are also available. If one wants lunch or dinner, the hotel people are to be informed in advance for menu. Restaurant is available nearer to Government resort. The hotel is approximately 1 Km away. Very good South Indian meal is served in these resorts. The private resorts are called Ripple resorts. From Port Blair Ariport ,these resorts are 15Kms away.

For those staying near the beach, there are great accommodation options to choose from. You could try the Peerless Sarovar Portico Resort which is the only beach resort in the city. Or the Hornbill Nest Guest House, which contrary to its name does house human beings. Andaman Wave Bar and Andaman Wave Restaurant is near the beach, where you are provided menu. Water tap for drinking water is facilitated in the beach premises. Enjoy the scene of the beach with joy and fun.

Sun rise at Corbyn cove beach is just unforgettable. If you have a day’s stop in Port Blair, this could be a small induction into the sandy stretches that await you on your trip. Full with scenic beauty it's a place where you would like to spend your quality time with your family and friends.