Andaman and Nicobar Islands Religious Attractions

Religious Attraction

The religious personality of Andaman and Nicobar islands is very complex since it is a mini India. People of different states have been living in this territory besides the aborigins of this place. Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Bhahais etc., are the major religions of these Islands. The people from major religions go to their respective centers daily. One more point to be mentioned here is that some people, with inborn qualities go to all the religious centers and worship all Gods irrespective of their religion. Tourists of every religion go to their religious center, temple, Church, mosque, gurudwara, etc., the lists of the temples, mosques, churches etc. with their particulars are given as follows:

Particulars About Hindu Temples

Sl.No Name of the Temple Address
1.Sri LaxmivinayakarAderdeen Bazar, Port Blair, Near TSG & AKT Bros shops.
2.Sri Karpaga VinayakarGoalghar, Port Blair.
3.Sri VinayakarDairy Farm Juncation, Port Blair.
4.Sri Vetrimalai MuruganRGT Road, Near Gandhi Park, Port Blair.
5.Lord ShivaSouth Point, Port Blair.
6.Sri Radha GovindaRGT Road, Near Shri Vetrimalai Murugan Temple, Port Blair.
7.Sri LaxminarayanaAberdeen Bazar, Port Blair.
8.Lord RamaAberdeen Basti, Port Blair.
9.Lord RamaKumrakathi, Port Blair.
10.Lord IyyappanBhuniathapath, Port Blair.
11.Lord IyyappanSippighat, Port Blair.
12.Lord RamaHaddo, Port Blair.
13.Lord ShivaDelanipur, Port Blair.
14.Lord Eswar and Lord SitaramDairy Farm, Port Blair.
15.Lord HanumanAberdeen Bazar, Port Blair.
16.Lord MarriammanAustinabad, Port Blair.
17.Lord Alaikadal IyyanarSouth Point, Port Blair.
18.Sri kaliPrem Nagar, Port Blair.
19.Sri Padam PrimvalPolice Line, Port Blair.
20.Sri ValmigiPrem Nagar, Port Blair.
21.Sri MuruganMayabunder, North Andaman.
22.Sri MuruganDiglipur, North Andaman.
23.Sri DhandayuthapaniGaracharama, Port Blair.

Particulars About Mosques

Sl.No Name of the Mosque Address
1.Police MasjidAderdeen Bazar, Port Blair.
2.Jama MasjidAderdeen Basti, Port Blair.
3.Junglighat MasjidJunglighat, Port Blair.
4.MasjidDelanipur Basti, Port Blair.
5.MasjidPhoniex Bay, Port Blair.

Particulars About Churches

Sl.No Name of the Church Address
1.Roman CatholicPhoniex Bay, Port Blair.
2.Ceylon PentecotPhoniex Bay, Port Blair.
3.Church of North IndaiPhoniex Bay, Port Blair.
4.MarthomaPhoniex Bay, Port Blair.
5.Indian PentecostalPhoniex Bay, Port Blair.
6.MethodistGoal Ghar, Port Blair.
7.Yuva ShakthiSouth point / Shadipur, Port Blair.
8.Seventh Day AdventistMission Dairy Farm, Port Blair.
9.Orthodox SyrianPhoniex Bay, Port Blair.

Particulars About Other Religious Centres

Sl.No Name of the Centre Address
1.Poilce GurudwarasAderdeen Bazar, Port Blair.
2.Dr. Dewan Singh GurudwaraBackside of the State Bank of India(Main Branch), Port Blair.
3.M.E.S GurudwaraM.E.S. Area, Port Blair.
4.Bahais TemplePhoniex Bay, Port Blair.
5.Buddhist TemplePongichang Area, Port Blair.

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