Andaman Ship Schedule

Five ships operating between mainland of India [Chennai (Madras), Kolkata (Calcutta) and Vishakapatnam (Vizag)] and Andaman and Nicobar Islands(Port Blair , the capital of Andaman & Nicobar Islands).
The names of ship are:
M. V. Nicobar
M.V. Nancowry
M.V. Akbar
M.V. Harshavardhana
M.V. Swaraj Dweep
General Guidelines
The tourists has to come to Kolkata,Chennai or Vizag at least two days in adavnce, if they have talked to concerned offices or reserved their tickets . Otherwise at least five days in advance from ship sailing date to contact above offices or ticket issuing authority.
The prescribed application form need to be filled up and two passport size photographs are alos needed for attachment. The tickets are issued on firts come first serve basis. Passenger are required to give details of infants below two years of age while purchasing tickets. No fare will be charged for the infants .

24.02.2020THUSPORT BLAIR02.03.2020MON9901600
10.03.2020TUESPORT BLAIR18.03.2020SAT9921800VIA MAYABUNDER
22.03.2020SUNKOLKATA26.03.2020THU9931400VIA MAYABUNDER
30.03.2021MONPORT BALIR--00
Schedule of MV NICOBAR
01.03.2020SUNPORT BLAIR09.03.2020SAT8431000
This is a Tentative Sailing Programme subject to change at short notice. The Directorate of Shipping Services will not bear any responsibility what so ever loses (if any) due to any change in the programme.
Advance reservation of passenger tickets  for the above sailings will commence at STARS Ticketing Counters and CSCs from 0900 Hrs onwards.
Deputy Director Shipping Services A & N Admn
Ship Class Fare(Rs)
M.V. Swaraj Dweep / Nancowry / Nicobar/Campbell-Bay Deluxe Cabin 9,750
1st Class Cabin 8,080
2nd Class Cabin 6,420
Bunk Class 2,500
M.V. Harshavardhana Deluxe Cabin 9,750
1st Class Cabin 8,080
2nd Class 'A' Cabin 6,420
2nd Class 'B' Cabin 4,960
Bunk Class 2,500
M.V. Akbar Deluxe Cabin 9,750
1st Class Cabin 6,890
2nd Class Cabin 4,190
Bunk Class 2,180
Sea Sickness Level
Month More Certainly Sickness Mild No Sea Sickness
January - - - Yes
February - - - Yes
March - - - Yes
April - - - Yes
May - - Yes -
June - Yes - -
July - Yes - -
August Yes - - -
September Yes - - -
October - - Yes -
November - - - Yes
December - - Yes -

Based on genreal info collected from family, friends, passengers.

Ship Ticket Booking at Kolkata

The tickets for all the passenger vessels are issued by Shipping Corporation of India.

Shipping House, #13 Strand Road

Kolkata-17, 033-284456

Ship Ticket Booking at Vishakapatnam

Tickets and booking of cargo with respect to all passenger vessels sailing from Visakapatnam is done by an Agent of Shipping Corporation of India(SCI).

M/S A.V. Bhanoji Rao Garuda Pattabiramaiah Co. Ltd.


Ship Ticket Booking at Port Blair

The prescribed requisition forms will be available in the Inquiry Counter free of cost. The intending passengers are required to fill up the form and submit it along with two passport size photograph and supporting documents, if any, to avail concessions at the Phoenix Bay ticketing counter.


The tickets for these vessels as per the sailing schedule published with the approval of the A & N Administration are issued form the Ticketing Counter at Supply Line, Port Blair, managed by the SCI authorities stationed at Port Blair. The system/procedure for issuing tickets for these vessels is also the same as for MV Nancowry and MV Swaraj Dweep.

Ship Ticket Booking at Chennai

The operational control of these vessels are entrusted to the Shipping Corporation of India(SCI). Hence, the tickets for passengers and booking of cargo are done in the counters attached with the office of the Shipping Corporation of India(SCI) situated at

Madras(chennai) Port Trust,

adjacent to Gate No.1 of Chennai Port

Rajaji Salai, Opposite Customs Office

Chennai-1 ☏: (044)5231401

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Ship Capacity
Ship Cabin Bunk Total Seats Cargo (MT)
M V. Akbar [IMO 7116915] 121 1414 1535 1500
M V. Nicobar [IMO 8606161] 300 900 1200 1500
M V. Nancowry [IMO 8606434] 300 900 1200 1500
M V. Swaraj dweep [IMO 9101168] 300 900 1200 1500
M V. Harshavardhana [IMO 7219026] 153 595 748 1500
Ship Journey Time
From  To Journey Time
Kolkata PortBlair About 66 hrs
Chennai PortBlair About 60 hrs
Vishakapatnam PortBlair About 56 hrs


Andaman Beacon

Gear Road, Doddakannelli

Bangalore, Pin 560103


Andaman Beacon

Link Road, Goalghar

Port Blair Andaman -744101