Snorkelling, Andaman

Snorkeling around Port Blair

North bay, Red Skin Island

Jolly Bouy Island - Mahatma Gandhi National Park

Snorkeling in Havelock Island

The underwater world around Havelock has plenty to offer snorkelers but the best sites are those further out to sea and away from the regular beat.

Elephanata Beach
One can make a trek to Elephant Beach by taking a bypass from the Forest camp on approach to Radhanagar which would take around 45 minutes. Snorkeling in this shoreline is an important and lifetime encounter.


Aquarium on the southwestern end of Havelock. The gently sloping reef, easily predictable currents and resident fish life make this snorkeling experience like being in an aquarium.

South Button (Swiftlet Rock)

The island is a tiny speck in the sea, a little more than an acre in area. The rock face rises sheer out of the water on the southern side, to a maximum height of 10 meters, and tapers evenly to the north, where stray rocks fringing the island extend into the water.

Henry Lawrence (Tamarind Camp)

Henry Lawrence (Tamarind Camp) 12kms north of Havelock ,This is a relatively large island, approximately 40sq.kms in size. It boasts excellent quality forests, teeming with deer and wild boar, and near-pristine mangrove creeks

Middle Button (Turtle Island)

Middle Button (Turtle Island) is 25kms north of Havelock.

Kalipur, North Andaman

Kalipur near Diglipur North Andaman, the Island off the coast of Pristine Beach resort (200-300 rupee huts) . Best beach snorkeling place in the Andamans. Very diverse too, great coral between on the beach side of the island on the far side are rocks which go down quite deep with lots of fish especially the northeast corner. Could site sting rays, lion fish, sea snake, octopus, several Giant Parrot fish , small barracudas, lots of fish of all sizes.

Lalaji beach, Long Island

Lalaji beach, Long island (1.5 hour walk from Guest house either along the cost or through the forest) beautiful beach for one lined with a coconut grove, on the left side is a very nice coral reef. Lots of small fushes and the coral is very nice there. Very easy snorkeling since the reef is shallow and one can walk out on the nice sandy bottom of the beach.


Andaman Beacon

Gear Road, Doddakannelli

Bangalore, Pin 560103


Andaman Beacon

Link Road, Goalghar

Port Blair Andaman -744101