North Bay, Coral Island

Located nearer to Phoenix jetty of Port Blair, this beach is also very famous for under water corals reefs and colorful fishes.It is one among the most popular destination at the Andaman Islands.

  • North Bay Island Trip Journey
  • Boat which goes to North Bay Island starts at 9.30 am. Reach Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex Jetty before 9.30 am and buy ticket for north bay island. e boats, which start from the Andaman Water Sports complex, can accommodate up to 60 people and are equipped with life jackets and life rings for your safety. You can buy ticket based on rip options. you could also select either Ross Island, North Bay Island, or Viper Island and you can select all of these Islands during your trip.
  • Some of the activities in North Bay Island are Glass bottom, coral watching, swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. Any of these activities you need to be purchased tickets by paying separate charges.₹ 500 is charged for Snorkeling and ₹ 300 is charged for glass bottom.
  • People who are interested in Snorkeling and coral view through boat bottoms can book their choices during the journey itself. The normal price is ₹ 50 per person per event. Additional ₹ 500 can be given to have snorkeling at deep see and this will be nearly 30 to 45 minutes.
  • Scuba diving coupons can be purchased at jetty for ₹ 3200, which includes amenities. Photos of under water scuba diving can be purchased at the North Bay Island scuba shops.
  • Entrance fee for the North bay Island is ₹ 10. After swimming in the North Bay Beach you need to pay extra charges for the fresh water bath. Bathing convenience are been facilitated near by the beach. ₹ 10 must be paid for small bucket of fresh water and ₹ 20 for the medium bucket fresh water facility.
  • You can find some food, fruits, or some kind of eateries,food restaurants like Sea Hawk High Quality Restaurant,K S Restaurant , selling around the beach. You can finish your breakfast or lunch with a great view of beach in front.
  • To reach North Bay Beach by boat, it takes around 45 minutes.
  • If you have purchased a ticket to visit only the North bay Island then your journey starts at 9.30 am at the jetty and you will reach North Bay Island by 10.15 am . After that you will be provided 2.30 hours time at the North Bay Island for swimming, snorkeling etc. and you will start for return journey by 12.30 pm or 1 pm. You will reach water sport complex by 2.30 pm, as boat goes to Ross Island and then come back to Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex.
  • If tourists are purchased three island trip then they are taken to Ross Island from North Bay Island by 12.30 am. and then to Viper Island. Tourists get to visit other two islands for about 1 hour and will be returned back to Port Blair Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex by 5pm.
  • Things to note
  • If the weather is bad ,the coral reefs has poor visibility , then Snorkeling, Scuba Diving and Sea Walk should be avoided by tourists.
  • History of these islands is described by the guides at the boat in Hindi usually.
  • In case of bad weather the trip might get cancelled.
  • In case of moderate rain one can still take the trip.
  • Rest rooms and changing room are available.
  • Snacks stalls are available to eat.
  • It is always recommended to continue your trip on the same boat. Make sure to remember the boat name (just to avoid hassle )which you board as this same boat will take you back to Port Blair. In case you have missed your boat , contact the local guide.They will accommodate on a on a different boat.


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